About Joshua Tree Sales of Palm Springs


What's the deal with the name of the company? Do you like U2 or something?

We named our company Joshua Tree for a few reasons.  First, we didn't want to constrict our potential growth in various areas of collectibility by limiting ourselves with sports terminology or political propaganda. Next, we wanted strength with the business moniker, something that would reach potential customers on a host of levels. We love where we live and wanted to incorporate that into our corporate identity. Joshua Trees exist within the nearby Mojave desert.  These "trees" epitomize survival under challenging conditions. With the heat, strong winds, limited water, and a host of other challenges, the "trees" adjust and survive. This similarity revolves around our philosophy of addressing the needs of our customers to ensure their satisfaction to the best of our ability. The success of our business revolves around the needs of the consumer. We do enjoy U2, but it has nothing to do with the name of our business.

Wait, didn't you have Auctions somewhere in your business name?

Our full business name of Joshua Tree Auctions & Sales of Palm Springs exists and will continue to do so as long as we operate as a business. We found that at shows and social interactions, a majority of the questions received revolved around operating auctions instead of our inventory or want lists. Many people walk by our booths at shows without stopping because of the inclusion of Auctions in the name, assuming that nothing could leave the booth that day in their possession. To rectify this we use a modified version of the name.

But, what about the Auctions? Can I consign to your Auctions?

At this point, the only auctions operated will occur through eBay through our account of joshua_tree_sales and we will only sell items that we own in full.  Presently, we will not accept consignments.

Okay, I found your site, so who are you guys?

In short, a small family run private collectibles sales company.  Run by my wife, Rachel, and myself, Adam, we specialize in premium quality pop culture memorabilia ranging from historical to entertainment to sports and anything else within that spectrum. We both grew up in collecting families, so we understand how most buyers think about their collections. Whether its fine or ethnographic art, or baseball cards, a majority of collectors want the freedom to create their own collection with a particular theme. Joshua Tree Sales of Palm Springs exists to assist you in your quest to obtain quality authenticated items for your personal collection.

Nice description, but what type of items are in your inventory for direct sale?

While the content changes over time, the majority of our items for sale involve authenticated autographs, vintage photographs, trading cards, ticket stubs, original artwork and all sorts of other ephemera.

Interesting, so how do I know that the stuff you sell is legitimate?

Every item that we sell requires authentication from a reputable third-party authenticator, mainly PSA or JSA. We will not offer an autograph, card, photograph, or ticket for sale that fails authentication. We stand behind all of the items sold and will offer a full money back guarantee if the item proves to be fake.

Great, so where are you located?

We are owned and operated out of the Coachella Valley in Palm Springs, California.

Can I drop in and look at your stuff?

We do not have a brick and mortar store, just an office. If you are in the area and would want to see an item, please let us know and we will gladly assist you.

 I have more questions that aren't listed here, how can I contact you?

Feel free to call us at (760) 808-2780 or email us at adam@joshuatreesales.com or click on the Contact Us button to fill out the form.