Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping and delivery will always remain free to the buyer. No one likes to pay extra for shipping and handling.  Every handling cost ranging from packaging to postage exists within the sales price of the item.  The only exception remains the 9% sales tax if the item(s) sent to an address within the state of California. We believe paying for and shipping an item should remain simple and stress-free for the purchaser. We will always send out an item with the next business if humanly possible. If the item costs more than $500.00 USD, we will require a signature upon receipt of your item to prove its arrival at your location. We use the USPS and FedEx for our shipments. Since FedEx cannot deliver to PO Boxes, please keep that in mind when providing your mailing address for a high value item.

Privacy & Security

We will never sell/give/donate your information to anyone.  We firmly believe in your privacy.  It's no other individual's concern about who bought what or when they bought it. If a potential customer asks about the availability of a specific item for sale, we will confirm whether or not if it is for sale.


We offer a 7 day return policy on all orders as follows:  The buyer pays for return shipping costs with requirement of an inclusion of a tracking number.  We will not refund any orders without a tracking number.  A refund of the full purchase price of item will occur once package returns with tracking number safely to our office.  We understand 7 days meaning receipt of your order in your possession, not when it leaves our office.


We accept major credit cards, bank checks, and personal checks. Any payment requires clearance of funds before item shipped from our office.